IPL 2023: Uttarakhand coach revealed, Akash Madhwal said such a thing for Rohit Sharma

IPL 2023: Akash Madhwal, who won Mumbai Indians with his deadly bowling in the match against Lucknow Super Giants, became a hero overnight. His success is discussed everywhere. Akash Madhwal’s IPL journey has been quite fun and interesting. Madhwal comes from Uttarakhand.

In a big disclosure, the Uttarakhand coach said that Madhwal gives credit for his bowling to captain Rohit Sharma. According to the Indian Express report, the Uttarakhand coach has said that when I spoke to Madhwal after the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad, he was only talking about Rohit Sharma and how Rohit has helped him for two months.

Madhwal said that Rohit Sharma’s hand is 50 percent in his success. Madhwal says that because of Rohit Bhaiya, I did not feel at all that I am playing in IPL. It is noteworthy that Madhwal took 5 wickets in the eliminator match with a big bang.

In this IPL, Akash Madhwal has taken 13 wickets in 7 matches. Madhwal also contributed to bringing Mumbai Indians to the second qualifier. He comes from Uttarakhand and quit his job as an engineer and tried his hand at cricket. Akash Madhwal used to play tennis ball cricket earlier.

He played tennis ball cricket for 25 years of his life. He was scouted by the scout team of Mumbai Indians. Seeing his bowling in the camp, he was included in the team. Akash Madhwal was included in Mumbai Indians with a base price of Rs 20 Lakhs.

Mumbai Indians have a chance to make it to the finals. For the final, Mumbai will have to win the next qualifier match. Mumbai Indians can decide their way to the final by defeating Gujarat Titans. This season Chennai Super Kings have already sealed their place in the finals.

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